'If I Could' Tag

I don't think I have ever done a blogger tag before, but when the wonderful Simona from Sky's Book Corner tagged me (thank you!) in this one, I couldn't resist joining in because it looked and sounded fantastic!

If I could live anywhere:
Immediately Hawaii comes to mind, but I'm not sure if I'd actually like to live there as opposed to jetting there for a holiday, so if we're thinking more long-term then I'd have to say a charming little cottage in the English countryside somewhere. I know, I know, I'm completely obsessed, but cottages just seem to reach me on an entirely different level. There's something romantic about them, especially those with chaotic flower gardens, low-ceilinged rooms and fairy-lights. Am I living on cloud nine? Perhaps, but that sounds perfect to me!

If I could have any home:
See answer above!
I really have no idea why I'm so obsessed with cottages.

If I could be on holiday right now:
It looks like paradise. I'd love to stay in one of those over-water bungalows. Apparently you can have breakfast delivered by canoe. And the sea is so clear out there, it's amazing. Throw me a hammock and a book, maybe a cocktail or two, and I'll see you soon. Maybe.

If I could have any job:
I think I'm already living my dream career as an author and to be honest, that's all I've ever really wanted to do. Still surreal? Yep!

If I could have any talent:
I would love to be able to sing but unfortunately the vocal chords I was born with don't allow such things. To be honest that doesn't really stop me, but imagine singing in the shower and sounding utterly amazing rather than like a walrus. That would be cool.

If I could live any day again:
Oh man, I'm just going to throw a few out there.
My 18th birthday party. The day I got the call from my publisher. The day I met my Mr W. I'm lucky in that I have some truly brilliant days that I'd love to re-live.

Thanks a million to the fabulous Simona for the tag, I really enjoyed taking part in this one.
I would like to tag Rebecca from Brunette Lifestyle and Ellen Faith from EllenFaith.com 

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  1. Girl, I just read all my OWN answers to these questions! I don't know who your Mr. W is, but my Mr. W is the best guy in the world, and there's a few days with him I would like to relive. Our dream is still to get out of California and head home to the pacific northwest (Washington State / Oregon State) and get a little cottage in the woods together...

    Still surreal? No kidding! My book is still on preorders more than four months out and it hit the Amazon's Bestseller list this week. How can I be a bestselling author if I don't even have a book yet!? I'm kind of reeling. I wish someone had taught me how to deal with it when dreams come true...I don't have training for this, hahahaha! This was an adorable post, thanks for letting us peek into your head :)