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Today on Becca's Books, I'm absolutely delighted to be welcoming the fabulous B.A. Paris to the blog. The blog tour for B.A. Paris's thrilling debut Behind Closed Doors stops with me today, and I'll be sharing my review of the novel, and B.A. Paris will also be sharing a piece on who she would love to have her characters played by if ever it were to be made into a film... I have to say, if this novel was ever taken down that road, I'm 100% certain it would be one of those that has you sitting right on the edge of your very seat...


Alright, I admit, sometimes I dream about my book being made into a film. And then I dream about being allowed to choose who would play the different characters. If George (Clooney, for those who haven’t yet read Behind Closed Doors!) was a little younger, I would, of course, choose him to play Jack. I’m sure that after playing the nice guy in the majority of his films, he would relish the chance to play a psychopath! But at fifty-five, he’s just a tad too old. Jack is around forty, which also rules out the drop-dead gorgeous Aidan Turner. That leaves only one person. He’s about the right age, and definitely has the charm and looks – the utterly wonderful Michael Fassbender. I think he would make a brilliant Jack (and so does Margaret Madden!) And like Jack, he comes from a non-British background but speaks perfect English.

For Grace, absolutely no contest, if Michael Fassbender plays Jack, it would have to be me. I’d have to starve myself for a few weeks prior to filming, dye my hair blond, have an amazing make-up artist to knock (quite) a few years off me and lock up my daughters - but I’m willing to do pretty much anything in the name of Art! He might be playing a psychopath but there are a few scenes where Jack and Grace get close, and I’d be perfectly happy to write in a few more! If I wasn’t available (which is a possibility as I have so many books I want to write) I think somebody like Emilia Fox would be brilliant. She has the right amount of vulnerability and a softness about her that I imagine Grace having. If we’re talking about big Hollywood stars, though, I adore Emma Stone and think she would make a perfect Grace. I wonder if she can do an English accent?

For Millie, the adorable Natalia Goleniowska, who appeared in the Sainsbury advert for school uniform, would be perfect. She is exactly how I imagine Millie, cheeky, clever, passionate. Natalia is only eight years old but she’s so right for the part that I’d be willing to wait a few years to cast the film!

For the lesser but vital role of Esther, I’d need somebody cool and clever, so being a huge Downton Abbey fan, I’d choose Michelle Dockery. And for Diane, I’d keep it in the Downton family and choose Laura Carmichael.

Anybody know a film-maker?

Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris was incredible. This was a novel that had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Edgy, sharp, treacherous and dark, I will be highly surprised if I don't see this book rising up amongst some of the most brilliantly compelling thrillers of 2016. Behind Closed Doors has it all. That endless piece of thread that you follow, hoping all the while that what you're thinking in your head is correct, but knowing at the same time that it's not going to be. That the author, somehow, is going to lead you completely astray and bend and warp their story in a whole new way. Brilliantly written, highly captivating and drenched in danger, I really can't recommend this novel enough.

Throughout the entirety of reading Behind Closed Doors, I felt this strange sense of unease. I couldn't put my finger on what it was that had me feeling this way, but it was quite clear that something wasn't quite right. In a world where people strive for perfection, Jack and Grace, at first glance, seemed to have it all. The looks, the money, the impressive home... As the author delivered her descriptions of this flawless couple to me, only one thing remained in my mind. It's just got to be too good to be true. I understand that from the blurb, the reader is given a vague idea of things being out-of-sorts, but this mystery of Jack and Grace is emphasised upon so much more within the novel itself. B.A. Paris begins Behind Closed Doorssuperbly. Serene surroundings, an elegant dinner party, and Jack and Grace playing the perfect hosts to their guests, but while all this is going on, B.A. Paris ensures that there's just the right amount of danger simmering beneath the shiny surface. Small hints and Grace's internal dialogue begin to reveal a different side to the picture-perfect scenario B.A. Paris gives the reader, and it isn't long before the truth begins to rear it's very gruesome head...

Switching between the past and present, B.A. Paris takes us on a shocking journey, beginning at the very moment Jack stepped into the picture, during an outing at the park. It took me by surprise, how very charming Jack was, and it seemed to take Grace by surprise too. I think this added so much to Grace's character. She's a humble woman, doesn't expect too much of herself, and so when Jack enters to the scene, she can hardly believe that she's been so lucky as to catch such a man's eye. The fact that Grace doesn't seem to understand exactly how she's ended up with him added a sense of power to Jack's character that I didn't take to, too much. I felt like there was something too perfect about him, and Grace's disbelief at having landed such a catch only went to highlight this further. Both characters were fantastically developed, and by the end of this novel I felt that I knew them inside out, and back to front. There's light and dark to everybody, but occasionally, more dark than usual is allowed to slip in, and that's when the danger heightens.

The past begins to catch up with the present at one point in the story, and let me tell you something, it was amazing. My heart was thumping in my chest, my breathing halted, and I couldn't read the words quick enough. My eyes were skittering all over the page, and I had to keep telling myself to slow down, so as not to ruin it for myself. But it was impossible not to hurry myself along! The tension was high, the characters at a major moment in the plot, and my restrain was non-existent. At this point, I'd been told all about Jack and Grace, the truth behind their marriage, the evilness that hid just around the edges, and I was shocked to my very core. I just could not believe it.

It's been a long time since a novel had this much of an effect on me. Powerful, all-consuming, twisted and not-at-all predictable, I'd recommend this to any readers who love a thrilling, punchy and addictive story that keeps a hold on you right the way through. Becca's Books is awarding Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris with five stars. I would read this again in a heartbeat. It was BRILLIANT.

B A Paris is from a Franco/Irish background. She was brought up in England and moved to France where she spent some years working as a trader in an international bank before re-training as a teacher and setting up a language school with her husband. They still live in France and have five daughters. Behind Closed Doors is her first novel.

You can find B.A. Paris on Twitter.

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