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Today on Becca's Books, I'm absolutely delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for the gorgeous new novel by Cate Woods, Just Haven't Met You Yet. I'll be sharing with you a fabulous extract from Cate's novel, which will hopefully get your bookish senses tingling!

Just Haven't Met You Yet by Cate Woods

Have you ever had the feeling that someone else is living
your life, and the one you’ve ended up with wasn’t meant
for you at all? I, for instance, suspect that I was meant to
have the life currently being lived by Gwyneth Paltrow,
but at a critical moment a butterfly in the Amazon
flapped its wings, my life took a radically different turn
and instead of Hollywood I ended up in Norwich. Chaos
Theory, I believe it’s called. I’m a little hazy on the details,
but I’m sure it’s all on Wikipedia.
Take my name: Perseus Andromeda James. Surely that’s
a name that belongs in the pages of Heat magazine, not on
an Eagle Insurance employee name badge? (Although
what the badge actually says is ‘Percy James’, which is
what everyone except my dad calls me. He saw the film
Clash of the Titans shortly before I was born and it had a
major impact on him, so much so that not only did he
name me after the film’s male hero, my middle name
Andromeda is the girl Perseus rescues from a sea monster.
I hope I won’t be spoiling Clash of the Titans for you if
I tell you that Perseus and Andromeda end up getting
married, so not only is my name a bit of a mouthful, it’s
effectively like being called ‘Becks Posh’.)
Anyway, after spending my adult years feeling like I’m
in some sort of flight-holding pattern, circling around
the clouds enjoying the complimentary nuts and G&Ts, it
finally looks like things are about to get interesting.
your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen, make sure
your tray table is stowed and your seat is in the upright
position, because we’re beginning our descent into Excitement
Airport, Big-Time City! I have a job interview that
could – and I really don’t think I’m exaggerating here –
change the entire course of my life. In terms of significant
personal events, I imagine this is up there with marriage
and motherhood. It is the FA Cup, the Oscars and Christmas
all rolled into one. In short: top-level shit. And I was
meant to be at this game-changer of an interview eight –
God, no – twelve minutes ago.
In need of distraction, I rummage in my bag for the
stack of post I retrieved from the mat as I ran out the door
this morning – although I’m not sure a pizza menu, mobile
phone bill and one other envelope can really be described
as a ‘stack’. I squash the menu into my empty coffee cup,
return the bill to my bag unopened and turn my attention
to the mystery envelope, which has ‘NOT A CIRCULAR’
stamped on the outside. With a slight frown, I tear it open
and read its non-circular contents.
Dear Miss James,
I am writing to you on behalf of EROS Technologies, a company
dedicated to the science of lifestyle enhancement.
Please forgive the unsolicited approach, but we have a very
exciting opportunity that we wish to discuss with you at your
earliest convenience.
Due to the highly personal nature of this matter I’m afraid I
cannot provide any further information at this stage, but if you
would like to call me on one of the numbers below at your
convenience I will be happy to explain our unique proposition in
Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to
hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Theresa Lefevre
Account Director
EROS Technologies
Hmmm. That is intriguing. ‘Lifestyle enhancement’ sounds
like it might have something to do with cosmetic surgery:
a special offer on boob jobs or Botox, perhaps. I read about
this amazing new treatment the other day where this
machine freezes your fat, zaps it with a laser and it just
simply . . . melts away. It sounds incredible: you can literally
remould your bum into whatever shape you want – be
that the Knowles, the Middleton or something rather
more retro, like the Vorderman – in a matter of minutes,
as if it’s Play-Doh. Ooh, perhaps this company, EROS Technologies,
are offering a free trial! That would definitely
qualify as a ‘unique proposition’. I should phone this Theresa
LeFevre right away to make sure I get my name down
for the J. Lo . . . On second thoughts, the reception is
notoriously bad on this train line and I don’t want to be
cut off in the middle of hearing about the lasers. No, better
to wait until I’m home. I fold up the letter and put it
back in my bag.

Cate Woods made the most of her degree in Anglo-Saxon Literature by embarking on a career making tea on programmes including The Big Breakfast, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and French & Saunders. After narrowly missing out on the chance to become a Channel 5 weather girl she moved into journalism, where she interviewed every famous John, from Prescott to Bon Jovi, ghostwrote a weekly column for a footballer's wife and enjoyed a brief stint as one half of Closer magazine's gossip-columnist duo, 'Mr & Mrs Showbiz'. Cate left the magazine world in 2009 to pursue a full-time career ghostwriting celebrity autobiographies and novels. She lives in London with her husband (not Mr Showbiz) and two small children. Just Haven't Met You Yet is her first novel under her own name.

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