Book Review: The Summer I Met You by Victoria Walters

Title - The Summer I Met You
Author - Victoria Walters
Publication Date - February 11th 2016
Publisher - Headline Review
Format - Kindle Edition
Pages - 65

It wasn't love at first sight. It was a summer of love...

When Emma leaves her Cornish hometown of Talting for a summer in Devon, the last thing she dreams of is falling in love.

But sometimes the people who affect us the most come along when we least expect it.

As the summer comes to an end, will it herald the start of something that could last for ever?

I've had my eye on debut author Victoria Walters for quite some time now. In fact, since the moment her novel The Second Love of My Life got caught on my bookish radar, I've been eagerly anticipating the gorgeous prequel that is The Summer I Met You, just to get a taste of what I'm in for when April finally rolls around. Though it be short, it is wonderful, and we're given a sun-dappled glimpse of Emma as she reluctantly spirals into a passionate, heady relationship with John. As prequels go, The Summer I Met You is a delightful one, focusing on those first exciting flutters of romance, along with the worries and niggles that accompany it.

Although Victoria's novel is set in the Cornish town of Talting, The Summer I Met You takes the reader and Emma to Devon. Being called upon to share in her cousin's twenty-first birthday celebrations, Emma arrives and unpacks, happy to be back at the farmhouse she remembers so well. Although Victoria's descriptions aren't of the in-your-face variety, in my mind I had a perfect vision of the house and the various animals that came alongside it. It filled me with the desire to skip away myself, somewhere with the rolling sea nearby with an ice-cream to hand. Whilst here, Emma accompanies Amy to the beach and, in the strangest of circumstances, or perhaps fate, she stumbles across John.

What follows is a chemistry between these two characters that Emma found impossible to ignore. Despite her reluctance to become so involved with another man after her not-so-pretty past when it came to relationships, there's something about John that she can't turn away from. It's as if they click right into place, and this is perfect for someone like me who, I'm not ashamed to admit, fully believes in love at first sight. I am of the hopeless romantic variety and this short but sweet story had me swooning left, right and centre. Coupled with the gloriously sea-and-cliff dotted setting, with the rush of meeting someone who sets your soul alight, it was a perfect treat to ease me into the full novel arriving in April.

It's not all plain-sailing for Emma and John though. In just the short time they come to know each other, troubles wriggle their way between them, doubts and worries Emma can't seem to let go of, which is entirely understandable once you learn more about her past. I absolutely adored hearing about her life back in Talting and can't wait to learn more about this setting in The Second Love of My Life. Victoria also introduces us Emma's best-friends back home, Rose and Lucas, who we do get to meet later on. Flicking back and forth between the 'then' and the 'now', I was excited to discover what had led Emma and John to meet, and how their relationship would work once her time in Devon came to an end. That fizzed through my mind constantly as I read and I think I was almost as worried as Emma about how everything would fall into place.

Although this a bite-size introduction to Victoria's debut in April, it was wonderfully uplifting, full of sparks of chemistry, young love and that romantic essence that I can never get enough of. There's a challenge for Emma and John to decide what they will make of their new-found feelings, and it leads readers nicely into Talting, where the story will pick up again later this spring. I, for one, cannot wait to delve further into Talting and be reunited with these characters. There's something brewing in the Cornish town, and I'm not sure I'm ready to handle it...

Becca's Books is awarding The Summer I Met You by Victoria Walters with five gorgeous, bookish stars! I absolutely flew through this and couldn't get enough of the author's style and brief but spot-on descriptions that opened up this world to me. Bring on The Second Love of My Life!

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