Crazy Over You by Carol Thomas

Title - Crazy Over You
Author - Carol Thomas
Publisher - Matador
Publication Date - September 2016
Format - Kindle Edition (Provided via author)
Pages - 250

Love can drive you crazy... in more ways than one!

When Abby met Simon, a drink in the uni bar lead to keeping in touch, late-night phone calls and intimate catch-ups. It was the start of something special, a love Abby believed would last a lifetime.

A wedding, two daughters and fifteen years later, Abby's world is falling apart. Having discovered Simon has had an affair, her normally ordered mind is spiralling out of control. Crushed by the betrayal and shocked by her own reaction, she knows she needs to get herself together; she's just not sure where to start.

She wanted all the pain and angst gone from inside her. Would meeting someone do that? She was one lone person in a world of people. Who would notice her? Nobody had in the last fifteen years.

With Simon on a mission to win her back and a close friend hiding a secret that could push her further over the edge, Abby finds strength and support where she least expects it. But as she attempts to gain control of her life and make decisions about her future, it may be more than the limits of Abby's mind that are put to the test!

Crazy Over You by Carol Thomas was a thoroughly enjoyable, well put-together novel, focusing on one woman's journey to put herself back together again after the shocking betrayal of her husband. Real, down to earth and wholly satisfying, Crazy Over You portrayed brilliantly the inner turmoil of Abby, and alongside a multitude of other fantastic characters, it was a story of hope, moving on, and returning to the confident, life-loving woman Abby had once been. It was wonderful.

As soon as the story begins, Carol Thomas gets right to the nitty-gritty. Late at night with only her thoughts and the internet for company, it becomes quite clear that Abby is more than a little obsessed with searching out the woman her husband had an affair with. But I, as well as Abby, knew that the late-night internet sessions were getting rather out of hand, and it was time for her to try and let go of the hurt and the pain, no matter how hard it may have proved to be. Although the premise of Crazy Over You by Carol Thomas may have been used plenty of times before, I felt that there was something unique about this story. Through the use of internet forums, finding other people who had been through the same thing, and inspirational quotes scribbled into her notebook, Abby begins to find her way forward and realises that perhaps it's not the end of her after all...

Warm, witty and amusing, Abby's journey towards figuring out a path was a wonderful story, one full of entertainment, blossoming companionship and the revealing of some pretty surprising truths. Alongside Brad, who admits that he is more than willing to pick up the slack from Simon, and who is also utterly cheeky and charming, Abby takes on brand new challenges and opportunities which end up highlighting a version of herself that she never even knew existed. It was heart-warming to say the least, and Carol's writing opened up Abby to the reader on a much deeper level. I adored seeing the transformation in Abby's character, loved watching her become this stronger woman as she went at life with both hands and, for the first time, threw caution to the wind. She'd had her heart broken and Carol handed me those emotions perfectly. I felt torn for Abby, because whenever Simon made an appearance in this novel, it was quite clear that he had been the love of her life. As their history was told to me in the most tender of ways, I could almost feel the shock of the betrayal. It was agonising, and I wanted nothing more than for Abby to get through it. Though the road ahead of her was rocky and full of pot-holes, I felt that if she got her thoughts into order, she'd be more than capable of making it to the other side. Carol's creation of Abby's character was brilliant, I felt incredibly close to her and wanted nothing but the best to go her way.

Overall, I really enjoyed Crazy Over You by Carol Thomas. Written so honestly and open, Carol has done a fantastic job of revealing the inner-workings of broken-hearted Abby to the reader. With an entertaining group of characters accompanying her along the way, it was fun, heartfelt, and packed with amusing shenanigans that really put Abby to the test. I was anticipating the ending and was kept wondering how Carol would close Abby's story, because I really didn't know which direction she'd take. I was kept guessing and loved it.         

Becca's Books is awarding Crazy Over You by Carol Thomas with four stars! A gorgeous story full of hope, strength, and marching onwards, no matter what knocks you down along the way. I'd like to thank the author Carol Thomas, for providing me with a copy of Crazy Over You in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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