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Today on Becca's Books, I'm thrilled to be welcoming the fabulous Jennifer Joyce onto the blog. Jennifer's latest book The Wedding Date is currently on tour and today, it stops with me!

Jennifer is sharing 5 break-up songs that are actually awesome, so get your dancing shoes on because they are fab!

Guest Post
Delilah, the main character from The Wedding Date, is heartbroken over the split from her ex, Ben (who happens to be the best man at her oldest friend’s upcoming wedding – awkward). Most of us have been there. Probably not the ex-as-best-man bit but we’ve been dumped and/or heartbroken, spending whole weekends in our pyjamas, our hair not even getting within sniffing distance of a brush as we seek out the saddest songs on the music channels so our pain is given a voice.
But some break-up songs don’t have us reaching for the tissues (or the loo roll when you’ve already sobbed your way through the whole box of tissues while listening to Adele on a loop). Some break-up songs are actually awesome and you can’t help singing along. And if you’re not using your hairbrush to style your locks, you could always use it as a microphone instead.
Here are my top 5 awesome break-up songs:

1. Survivor - Destiny’s Child


2. Don’t You Want Me - The Human League


3. Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson


4. Single Ladies – Beyonce


5. Forget You - Cee-Lo Green


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Will you... date me?

Delilah James, singleton and smoothie-addict, has six months to find a date for her oldest friend's wedding. Oh, and to prove to her ex, best man Ben, that she has totally moved on since he dumped her out-of-the-blue nine months, eight days and seventeen hours ago...

So, with her two BFFs playing Cupid, and Delilah launches herself into the high-tech, fast-paced and frankly terrifying world of dating. Luckily there's the hot new guy at work, Adam Sinclair, to practice her flirting on - even if, as a colleague, he's strictly off-limits!

Yet time's running out and date after disastrous date forces Delilah to tell a little white lie - and invent a fake boyfriend! But will her secret crush on Adam ruin everything? Does she even care about Ben anymore? And is it too late to untangle her web of lies and take a real date to the wedding...?

About the author
Jennifer Joyce is a writer of romantic comedies who lives in Manchester with her husband and their two daughters. Her latest novel, The Wedding Date is out now. You can find out more about Jennifer and her books on:

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