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Today on Becca's Books, I'm delighted to be welcoming Steven Scaffardi, author of The Drought and The Flood, to the blog. For my stop on the #LadLit blog tour, I'll be sharing a guest post from Steven Scaffardi as he lists his top 5 'Lad Lit at the Movies', so grab your popcorn, sit back and enjoy.

Lad Lit at the Movies
By Steven Scaffardi

“What is lad lit?” is a question I have heard on more than one occasion during this blog tour. It’s because of that very question that I decided to launch the #LadLitBlogTour. Over the last couple of weeks I feel progress has been made, and slowly but surely, lad lit is finding its own voice, but it could always do with someone shouting a bit louder.

And who has a bigger mouth than good old Hollywood? Tinseltown is the who’s who of entertainment, and many an author have seen their work blown up on the big screen, including a number of lad lit successes.

So what better way to push the merits of lad lit than by listing my top five ‘Lad Lit at the Movies’ to raise the awareness of the great stories coming out of this genre. Readers, grab your popcorn…

1.High Fidelity
Where else to start with a top five list other than Nick Hornby’s masterpiece, that of course has a common theme of top five lists being discussed throughout the story, including the opening where Rob (the main character) lists his top five break-ups! The movie version of the lad lit classic was a critical success, with John Cusack starring.

Did you know? The screenwriters decided to move the movie version from London to Chicago because they were more familiar with the town.
Not in the book: Rob’s last name in the book is Fleming, but in the movie they changed it to Gordon.
Book or film? Both are very good, but you can’t go against Hornby’s work. Book.

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2.Yes Man
Danny Wallace’s book of the same name was actually based on factual events, with the lad lit author choosng to spend a whole year of his life saying “yes” to any offer that came his way. The Hollywood adaption starred Jim Carey, who after attending a self-help seminar, had his life transformed by the power of yes!

Did you know? Danny Wallace got the inspiration to write the book after being advised by a stranger on the bus to “say yes more.”
Not in the book: Quite a lot actually, as the film is only loosely based on the concept of the book.
Book or film? The book 100%. The film is good, but the brilliance of the idea in the book makes a much better story than what Hollywood produced.

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3.Starter For Ten
David Nicholl’s best-selling novel about student Brian Jackson trying to woo his University Challenge quiz teammate Alice Harbinson was a huge hit in 2003. The book title was a reference to one of the rounds on the quiz worth 10 points. James McAvoy starred in this Tom Hanks produced big screen adaption that included appearances from James Cordon and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Did you know? The book was released as A Question of Attraction in America because it was feared the US audience would not understand the University Challenge reference to the Starter For 10 title.
Not in the book: The university was never named in the book, although in the film they use Bristol University.
Book or film? Another close call, but the book edges it again, for no other reason that Starter For 10 is one of the best books in the genre.

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4.Stand By Me
This one is a little out of left field, but the classic 1980s coming of age movie was actually based on The Body; a short story by Stephen King from a collection of four novellas called Different Seasons. King is not what you would call a lad lit author by any stretch of the imagination, but his wonderfully crafted tale of four friends who go in search of a dead body explores many themes that a typical lad lit book would.

Did you know? Different Seasons also spawned another Hollywood classic with The Shawshank Redemption being one of the four stories told in King’s collection of novellas.
Not in the book: (Spoiler Alert!) In one of the most iconic scenes in book and movie, Chris pulls the gun on Ace whereas it’s Gordie who pulls the gun in the film.
Book or film? Different Seasons is a great read, but the film is so brilliant and timeless that it wins in this case for me.

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5.This Is Where I leave You
Relationships, infidelity, death, families, work. In This is Where I Leave You, author Jonathan Tropper sent his main protagonist, Judd Foxman, on a rollercoaster of emotions that would drive most men to drink. A truly great book that was transformed by a very good onscreen ensemble of actors including Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Jane Fonda and Adam Driver.

Did you know?  The movie producers had to change the family name in the film from Foxman to Altman to avoid a clash of names with real people living in the area where the film was set.
Not in the book: The simmering resentment from Paul towards his younger brother, Judd, is never fully explained in the film whereas the book uses flashbacks to give the reader the background story.
Book or film? Book. It is much darker than the film, and like many movie adaptions, there is a lot that didn’t make it to the big screen that helped the book become as popular as it did.

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I hope that helps you understand the genre a bit more, and hopefully it makes you pick up a lad lit novel when you’re perusing for your next read in your local bookstore. And if you are interested to know what film closest resembles my Sex, Love and Dating Disaster series I would say The Inbetweeners. In fact, on more than one occasion the book has been likened to the TV show by book reviewers! I even wrote a blog about what actors would play the parts of the four main characters and you can view that here.

 About the Author
Steven Scaffardi is the author of the Sex, Love and Dating Disaster series. His first novel, The Drought, is the laugh-out-loud tale of one man's quest to overcome the throes of a sexual drought. After the stormy break-up with his girlfriend of three years, Dan Hilles is faced with the daunting task of throwing himself back into the life of a single man. With the help of his three best pals, Dan is desperate and determined to get his leg-over with hilarious consequences!

The Drought and his new novel The Flood – a comedy about one man trying to juggle four women at the same time – are both available for just 99p on the Kindle at Amazon.

Follow all of the fun on his blog tour by following him on Twitter @SteveScaffardi or by using the hashtag #LadLitBlogTour. More information about Steven and his books can be found on his blog.

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