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On Becca's Books today, I'm thrilled to be sharing my review of the latest in Robert Bryndza's DCI Erika Foster series The Night Stalker, as part of the blog tour. It still surprises me, even now, how quickly I've become a fan of crime/thriller fiction, and the DCI Erika Foster series is right up there with my favourites. I really couldn't wait to sink my teeth into this one and have been wanting to share my review for a while now. Finally, the day has arrived, and I'm excited to tell you why I absolutely loved The Night Stalker by Robert Bryndza.

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Title - The Night Stalker
Author - Robert Bryndza
Publication Date - June 2nd 2016
Publisher - Bookouture
Format - Kindle Edition (Provided by publisher)
Pages - 384

If the Night Stalker is watching, you're already dead...

In the dead of a swelteringly hot summer's night, Detective Erika Foster is called to a murder scene. The victim, a doctor, is found suffocated in bed. His wrists are bound and his eyes bulging through a clear plastic bag tied tight over his head.

A few days later, another victim is found dead, in exactly the same circumstances. As Erika and her team start digging deeper, they discover a calculated serial killer - stalking their victims before choosing the right moment to strike.

The victims are all single men, with very private lives.
Why are their pasts shrouded in secrecy? And what links them to the killer?

As a heat wave descends upon London, Erika will do everything to stop the Night Stalker before the body count rises, even if it means risking losing her job. But the victims might not be the only ones being watched... Erika's own life could be on the line.

Where oh where do I begin with this one? Do I start by telling you that Erika Foster is back and as bad-ass as ever? Or do I begin by gushing over how fantastically and seamlessly the plot of The Night Stalker slid together? How transfixed I was by the turn of events that took place within the pages? Oh, I don't know. I honestly can't decide. What I do know is that ever since reading The Girl in the Ice by Robert Bryndza (book #1), I have been dying to be reunited with Erika Foster. The wait has been completely worth it.

The next instalment in Robert Bryndza's DCI Erika Foster series had me gripped from beginning to end. Once again, in true thriller style, Bryndza begins his novel with a scene that puts the reader's senses on high-alert. It was dark, and the nameless Night Stalker was whipping through the shadows, unseen and unknown, ready to claim their first victim. Immediately, the author had my interest piqued. I wanted to know who this person was, and what reasons they had behind their killing. With the atmosphere taken care of thanks to Bryndza's brilliant descriptions that had me nervous about what would happen next, the scene was set spectacularly. Concise and organised, I realised this killer wasn't sloppy or messy in their actions. They'd planned it down to a T, and it wasn't only me who recognised this. Once the fantastic Erika Foster steps onto the scene, it quickly becomes clear that this killer is not only intelligent, but fast too, and they must be stopped as soon as possible.

The unravelling of Erika's latest case was fantastic. The plot took turns I didn't expect in the slightest and as the pieces of the puzzle began to slot into place, I couldn't quite believe what the author had managed to pull off. Like a particularly intense and gruesome game of Hide and Seek, Erika's journey in discovering the killer's identity was heart-pounding and adrenaline-pumping. As each new victim turned up, a pattern emerged between the method of killing and this fact didn't slip pass Erika. Her intelligent mind was beginning to create links between each person taken down, and as she crept closer to hitting the nail on the head, I found myself crossing everything that she was right in her instincts.

The author has such a delectable way of bringing his stories together. It's a satisfying moment when you begin to see it happening for yourself as the reader too. The history behind the killer was built so well, it actually made sense. When the identity was revealed, and the suspense was almost too much to bear, I was left reeling. It was dramatic and atmospheric, hard-hitting and sharp as a knife. Robert Bryndza's voice just grows stronger with every book. Incredibly easy to slide into, but near impossible to put down once you begin.

This was an absolutely fantastic second book in the DCI Erika Foster series. It was heart-in-your-mouth, shock-horror thrilling, and a race against time for Erika Foster. I flew through this book, desperate to reach the moment of conclusion. I knew it was going to be spectacular.

Becca's Books is awarding The Night Stalker by Robert Bryndza with five bookish stars. I CANNOT WAIT FOR BOOK #3!

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