Book Review: Cut to the Bone by Alex Caan

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Title - Cut to the Bone
Author - Alex Caan
Publication Date - July 14th 2016
Publisher - twenty7
Format - Kindle Edition (Provided by publisher via NetGalley)
Pages - 410

What happens when the cameras turn off?

Ruby is a vlogger, a rising star of YouTube and a heroine to millions of teenage girls. And she's missing. She's an adult - nothing to worry about, surely? Until the video's uploaded: Ruby, in the dirt, pleading for her life.

Enter Detective Inspector Kate Riley; the Met's rising star and the head of a new team of investigators with the best resources money can buy. Among them, Detective Sergeant Zain Harris, the poster boy for multiracial policing. But can Kate wholly trust him - and more importantly, can she trust herself around him?

As hysteria builds amongst the press and Ruby's millions of fans, Kate and her team are under pressure to get results, and fast, but as they soon discover, the world of YouTube vloggers and social media is much darker than anyone could have imagined...

And the videos keep coming...

First of all, I'd like to say a massive thank you to Alex Caan and twenty7 for providing me with a copy of Cut to the Bone in exchange for a fair and honest review. I found the cover of this novel striking and it was, originally, the first thing that drew me to it. After that, a quick read of the blurb was all it took and I knew that this was a book that I wanted to read. It slotted so seamlessly into today's social-media controlled society, making it all the more real and frightening for me. Quite frankly, I couldn't wait to begin and did so with much enthusiasm for a brand new author to add to my reading list.

In Alex Caan's Cut to the Bone, we're introduced to Detective Inspector Kate Riley and Detective Sergeant Zain Harris. We're also introduced to Ruby, a well-known and popular vlogger who is loved and watched by millions all over the world. So, when Ruby goes missing, who is to blame? It's down to these detectives to find out. The only problem being that time is not on their side, and is swiftly sliding down the drain. A video of Ruby emerges and from then on, it is chaos and a race against a killer who they're sure won't take their time before striking again.

For me, the fact that the disappearance within this novel was based around the whole vlogging industry truly struck a chord and perhaps even felt a little close to home. As a blogger myself, I'm aware of plenty of people who put their time and effort into their vlogs that they share with the world, and so it made this novel just that little bit more believable and frightening to read. Caan's insight and clear expertise into this topic ensured that I felt closer than close to Ruby's case and it wasn't long at all before I, too, was highly concerned about her whereabouts. After all, she was loved by many and seemed to have an endless amount of fans who supported her in her endeavours. I couldn't fathom who or why someone would want to harm this girl, but thankfully that wasn't for me to decide. The author swooped in and handled this plot with care, leaving me with a seamlessly weaved and stitched novel that I found I just couldn't put down. I was hooked completely, and as the novel progressed and a host of different characters and suspects stepped into the limelight, I found myself desperately trying to fit the pieces of this puzzle together in order to get my answers.

With such a compelling case and with such a fast-paced and exhilarating plot, I swear I barely drew breath throughout my reading of this book. There was so much going on and I was urgently racing through, hoping to finally be given the answers I wanted so badly. Shocking yet compelling, Alex Caan created a dark and dangerous world that I found myself completely absorbed in, unable to look away from. I was highly aware of the time ticking by, not only in the book but in real life too, frantically trying to work out whether I'd have enough time to reach the end before I had to put down my Kindle yet again. Hooked really doesn't come close to describing how glued to Ruby's disappearance I was.

When I finally reached the conclusion of this novel, I sat back and finally drew a proper breath. I felt as if I'd been holding it right the way through and could only then exhale without caution. Alex Cann has achieved an absolutely tremendous job with this novel and I can't recommend it enough. Especially to anyone who loves a gritty crime novel that will have you reading until way past your bedtime. I, for one, will definitely be keeping an eye out for Caan's next release, as I know for sure it'll be absolutely brilliant. I honestly can't praise this novel enough. I loved it!

Becca's Books is awarding Cut To The Bone by Alex Caan with five of my bookish cupcakes. Sharp, sleek and laced with danger, only the highest rating from me for this heart-thumping novel. Special thanks to Alex Caan and twenty7 for providing me with a review copy of Cut To The Bone in exchange for a fair and honest review.

About the author
Alex Caan has spent over a decade working in Information Systems Security for a number of government organisations, and is currently specialising in Terrorism Studies. A lifetime passion for writing was sparked by the encouraging words of an English Teacher in school, and eventually led to Alex successfully completing an MA in Creative Writing, and write Cut to the Bone.

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