Book Review: The Hatching by Ezekiel Boone

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Title - The Hatching
Author - Ezekiel Boone
Publication Date - July 5th 2016
Publisher - Gollancz
Format - Kindle Edition (Provided by publisher via NetGalley)
Pages - 352

Deep in the jungle of Peru, a black, skittering mass devours an American tourist party whole. FBI agent Mike Rich investigates a fatal plane crash in Minneapolis and makes a gruesome discovery. Unusual seismic patterns register in an Indian earthquake lab, confounding the scientists there. The Chinese are government "accidentally" drops a nuclear bomb in an isolated region of its own country. The first female president of the United States is summoned to an emergency briefing. And all of these events are connected.

As panic begins to sweep the globe, a mysterious package from South America arrives at Melanie Guyer's Washington laboratory. The unusual egg inside begins to crack. Something is spreading... The world is on the brink of an apocalyptic disaster. A virulent ancient species, long dormant, is now very much awake. But this is only the beginning of our end...

The Hatching by Ezekiel Boone is a novel capable of raising goosebumps the arms of many a reader, particularly those who aren't a fan of spiders. This book takes that fear and multiplies by it one thousand, bringing to life a nightmare that would have a person with a fear of spiders running for their life. This book caught my attention immediately when I spotted it available for request over on NetGalley. It was different and stood out a mile from those around it. I knew immediately that it was a book I wanted to read because it sounded nothing like the novels I usually go for, and that in itself was a good thing! There's nothing like widening your bookish horizons, and this novel certainly did that.

Following the consumption of an American tourist party in Peru, something is about to take over the globe. Something powerful and unstoppable. Something the world has never seen or heard of before. A breed of spider, long forgotten and hidden away, has emerged and is blood-thirsty. The species will stop at nothing and is spreading like wildfire, taking down planes in its wake, hungry for humans and oblivious to the destructions it causes. Human population doesn't stand a chance against this particular creepy crawly.

For me, spiders have never been a massive issue, but Boone's incredibly vivid and goosebump-inducing descriptions still had the desired effect. From the beginning of this novel, I was engrossed, although I'll admit that I had a bit of trouble keeping up with who was whom as the story progressed. I felt that I didn't spend enough time with each of the characters separately in order to really pin them down, but besides that, it was an enjoyable read, based on a topic I haven't read much of at all before, which made it all the more interesting for me. Spiders don't play much of a leading role in my usual choice of books, and so it was refreshing if not disturbing change that I welcome with open arms! Boone's style was thoroughly enjoyable, his writing laced with a darkness and edginess that I found immensely pleasing. I found the plot to move along quickly, and so I wasn't left feeling as if the story dragged at all.

From first page to last, I was anticipating the arrival of the spiders all over the world. It was interesting to see just how far Boone would take the devastation and how the world would cope as the critters arrived in each part of the globe. It was twisted and menacing, with a real sense of dread right at its epicentre that followed me right the way through my reading of this novel. The killer spiders were an excellent aspect and really made this stand out for me, putting this novel into a league of its own.

Becca's Books is awarding The Hatching by Ezekiel Boone with four of my bookish cupcakes. Horrifying and fascinating in equal measure, this was a book drenched in eight-legged devastation, with a hint of thriller about it that I thoroughly enjoyed. I'll be interested to see what Ezekiel Boone has in store for his readers next.

About the author
I live in upstate New York with my wife and kids. Whenever I travel and say I'm from New York, people think I mean NYC, but we live about three hours north of New York City. Our house is five minutes outside of a university town. We're far enough out of town that, at night, it's dark.
No. Darker than that.
Dark enough that, if you're not careful, you might fall off the small cliff at the edge of my property. If you're lucky, the water will be up enough to break your fall. If you're not lucky, please sign a waiver before you come to visit.

I've got two unruly dogs who are mostly friendly. Well, that's not true. The part about them being unruly is true, but one of them is the most friendly dog you've ever met, and the other dog ... isn't. They are good writing partners, though they spend a lot of their day curled up in front of the wood burning stove and ignoring me. Unless I'm making lunch. They pay attention to me then.

THE HATCHING is Ezekiel Boone's first book, but it's not actually *my* first book. I also write under the name Alexi Zentner. Alexi Zentner's books are pretty different from Ezekiel Boone's.

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