Book Review: We Were On a Break by Lindsey Kelk

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Title - We Were On a Break
Author - Lindsey Kelk
Publication Date - October 6th 2016
Publisher - Harper
Format - Kindle Edition (Provided by publisher via NetGalley)
Pages - 400

Is it a break? Or is it a blip?

LIV and ADAM are in love.
LIV and ADAM are supposed to be getting engaged.
Until ADAM accidentally suggests they take a break.
And LIV starts thinking...

Friends, family and bystanders all have an opinion and one complication leads to another as Adam and Liv try to muddle through in this hilarious, heartwarming comedy.

Are they split up - or are they on a break? What exactly are they allowed to get away with? And, most importantly, what do Liv and Adam really want?

It has been such a long, long time since I last read and reviewed anything by Lindsey Kelk, so I positively leapt at the chance to read and review Lindsey's brand-new novel We Were On a Break when I spotted it as available to request on NetGalley. There's something completely and utterly charming about Kelk's voice and style, about the characters she creates who win you over again and again. Kelk's novels are always memorable and always, without fail, the type you want to keep nestled on your bookshelf once finished, safe in the knowledge that you can return to that particular world again, whenever you feel like doing so. Kelk provides a certain sense of comfort with her novels. It is just sort of (really) brilliant to know this author and her books are out there in the world.

In Lindsey Kelk's We Were On a Break, readers follow the aftermath of a failed proposal. In fact, not only is it a failed proposal, but rather than correcting oneself and righting the mistake, Liv's boyfriend Adam decides to suggest that they 'take a break'. I know! What starts off as a dreamy beginning to this novel quickly turns sour and, with Kelk's finely-tuned wit and humour, things begin to take a downward slide for Liv, as she and Adam return home and she's unceremoniously dropped off at her flat above the vet's where she works, unsure of what to do and confused about everything she thought she'd always known for certain. Who can blame the woman? It's pretty much from one extreme to the other in this scenario. Poor Liv, and poor Adam!

What I absolutely loved about We Were On a Break by Lindsey Kelk was that in this novel, the author provides us with both points of view, so not only are we experiencing everything from Liv's side of the pond, but from Adam's too. It definitely made this all the more exciting to read, and opened up a whole new dimension in terms of revealing her characters true selves to the reader. It felt sort of sneaky, spending time with Adam when Liv was off doing her own thing, and vice versa, and made this story such a pleasure to read. It was entertaining and heart-warming, and absolutely rammed with Kelk's trademark warmth that seems to shine through from every page. I was lost to this story possibly after reading just the first chapter. From beginning to end, there was a whole host of fabulously entertaining characters, from friends to family, trying to stick their oar in and have the last say. Not forgetting the hilarious antics that Liv and Adam both get up to during their 'break', adding heaps of laughter and grinning to the entire reading experience gained from picking up this book. It was exactly what I hoped it would be and more. With such a gorgeous focus on friendship, love and all of those little yet might important things in-between, this novel warmed my soul completely.

Becca's Books is awarding We Were On a Break by Lindsey Kelk with five of my bookish cupcakes. You really can't go wrong with Lindsey Kelk. Like, ever. Special thanks to Harper for providing me with a copy of this book for review purposes.

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