Blog Tour: Book Review - Does My Bump Look Big In This? by Amy Lynch

Today on Becca's Books, I'm thrilled to be sharing my book review of the latest release from the fabulous Amy Lynch, Does My Bump Look Big In This? as part of the blog tour.

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Title - Does My Bump Look Big In This?
Author - Amy Lynch
Publication Date - September 29th 2016
Format - Kindle Edition
Pages - 329

The mother of all comedies is due...

Newlyweds Barry and Becky are just back from their tropical honeymoon. The tans are gorgeous, and it was five star luxury all the way. But there's been a problem. Barry's desperate for a baby, and Becky's not quite so keen.

Surrounded by pregnant friends and a mother who's talking about the ticking of invisible biological clocks, Becky starts to feel the pressure. When a surprise pregnancy rocks the boat, Becky's friends and family are rooting for her all the way. Will she navigate the choppy waters to motherhood? Will she survive antenatal classes? Can she avoid stretchmarks, indigestion and her dreaded boss?

And most importantly of all... does her bump look big in this?

And we're back with the hilarious Becky, folks!

Since being introduced to Rebecca in Lynch's Bride Without A Groom, it's safe to say that I've missed her hilarious outlook on life and all that it happens to throw her way. So when news about Lynch's next novel began to make the rounds, I couldn't wait to see what Becky would get up to next. Whatever it was, I was certain there'd be plenty of laugh-out-loud moments along the way, which is something Lynch provides plenty of for her readers.

In Does My Bump Look Big In This?, readers take the ride alongside Becky to motherhood. Just back from a gorgeous honeymoon, the pressure to begin a family is beginning to weigh on Becky's shoulders. With all her friends already mummies or mummies-to-be, Becky begins hearing the baby-talk in all directions and isn't sure what to do about it. Is she even mummy material? Could she really cope with all that a child would bring into her life? It's a tough call, but even Barry seems to be taking everyone else's side. It's just not fair!

As expected, Does My Bump Look Big In This? was absolutely rammed with moments of hilarity. Becky's original personality positively shone through and, despite being a woman who enjoys the drama of life, I can't deny that I have a soft spot for her, even though she could possibly drive me wild if I knew her in real life. Lynch achieved a wonderful job of bringing her characters to life in this one, each of them bold and vibrant in their unique ways of life and how they acted/spoke. Barry, as always, had my sympathies for having to put up with Becky, but it was clear that he loved Becky, no matter what she did, and I loved this about their pairing. Although rather opposite in their ways, they were perfect for each other and the love radiated from them.

I was laughing and giggling pretty much right the way through this one, as well as feeling the pressure on Becky's behalf. I'm sure a lot of women could relate to the emotions Becky feels throughout the novel, myself included. Lynch got it spot-on and I was cheering for Becky right the way through. She's got to be one of the most entertaining characters I've had the pleasure of meeting, fiction wise, and a memorable one too. She sticks with you, stands out from the crowd, and reading about what she gets up to throughout the novel is a pure joy.

Overall, Does My Bump Look Big In This? was an absolute pleasure to read from beginning to end. Peppered with Becky's trademark hilarity and total outrage when things don't go to plan, this was a book that had me grinning from ear to ear, and doing so right the way through. Becca's Books is awarding Does My Bump Look Big In This? by Amy Lynch with four of my bookish cupcakes! A proper laugh-out-loud comedy!

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