Book Review: While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green

Linda Green's While My Eyes Were Closed is a fast-paced, tension-fuelled novel, in which the author manages to capture every parent's worst nightmare. Readers are introduced to Lisa Dale and her four-year old daughter Ella, along with a number of other family members who find their world turned upside-down all thanks to just a few minutes where Lisa isn't looking. It's hard to believe that so much can happen in order to change so many lives in such a short space of time, but sadly it does, and the novel begins. Ella is a lovable little girl, and her personality radiates from the page as Green brings her to life. The same goes for Lisa and Alex too, Ella's parents. Green does a fantastic job of making this feel incredibly real and raw. It affected me in so many ways. It's one of those books that make you want to keep any little ones in your family close to you, never taking your eye off them for a second for the fear of something like this happening. The bottom line is: it was frightening. To say that I was hooked to Linda Green's While My Eyes Were Closed would be a complete understatement. I could not bear to put this book down once I had started.
Then, when the unthinkable happened, I became obsessed with the search for missing Ella. In that moment when Lisa turns back round after finishing the phone call that snatches her attention away, panic rushed into the pages and I could barely breath.

It was powerfully overwhelming, Lisa's need to find Ella, and I could almost imagine being right there beside her as the panic continued to grow, and I was just as fearful as Lisa when she began to realise that it was serious and so the police would need to be called. This was like taking Ella's disappearance to a whole new level, a level which Lisa and Alex were entirely reluctant to believe was true, and I couldn't blame them in the slightest. Green's focus on emotions felt by all those who loved and cared for Ella were practically leaking from the pages. It was impossible not to feel completely involved within this novel as the plot began to move forward. I was just as desperate as Lisa for Ella to be found because in this day and age, you just don't know what people are capable of, do you?

Right the way through, I remained obsessed with this story, and the proceedings that followed,
but what held me even more captive was when Linda spun this novel on its head and I was given an insight to where Ella was, with the person who had snatched her. I could not believe that I was being
given this side of the story, but found myself loving it even more and ripping through the pages
faster than I have in a long time. It was addictive and I found myself waiting for that moment
where the penny would finally drop for Lisa. Once I did, I finally felt able to breathe again.

While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green is an incredibly tense, torturous and captivating novel.
From page one, I was completely immersed within the nightmare that Lisa and Alex had found themselves trapped in. It's one of those novels that has you thinking deeply about the people you
know, and whether you truly know them at all. It only highlights that even the most innocent of
people could be capable of anything. Be careful.

Hummingbird Reviews is rating While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green with five out of five stars. It will hold you prisoner while the truth begins to reveal itself and you won't be able to look
away once it does. You can grab your copy from Amazon UK. This book was published on January 28th 2016 by Quercus.

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