Blog Tour: Book Review - Ella's Ice Cream Summer by Sue Watson

Ella's life just hit rock-bottom, but can a summer by the sea mend her broken heart? When life gives you lemons... make ice-cream!

Life hasn't always been easy for single mum Ella, but she has just hit an all-time low; she's jobless, loveless, very nearly homeless and, to make matters worse, now the owner of a pocket-sized pooch with a better wardrobe than her.

Packing her bags (and a bigger one for the dog), Ella sets off for the seaside town of Appledore in Devon to re-live the magical summers of her youth and claim her portion of the family ice-cream business: a clapped-out ice-cream van and a complicated mess of secrets.

There she meets gorgeous and free-spirited solicitor, Ben, who sees things differently: with a little bit of TLC he has a plan to get the van - and Ella - back up and running in no time.

If, like me, you are desperate for a bit of sun, sea and sand but will not be heading off to sunnier climes this year, fear not, for Sue Watson can deliver all of that and more right to your very fingertips (or Kindle screens) depending on which you prefer. Behind the delightfully joyful cover of Ella's Ice Cream Summer, awaits a deliciously addictive world of possibility, sparkling romance, sugar-sweet treats and the chance for Ella to release herself of the things that weigh her down. Is it time for her take a chance on something wholly exciting and entirely brand-new? Something that could turn her life around completely? Only a summer in Appledore, a seaside town situated in Devon which she adored as a young girl, will give Ella the opportunity to find out, and she's about to do exactly that...

Wow. Sue Watson is such an incredibly talented writer, and that fact only seems to grow in its accuracy and truth with every new book of Watson's that is released. It is so easy, so perfectly effortless, for me to find myself lost deep in the depths of Sue's novels, and Ella's Ice Cream Summer was no different. In just a few pages, Sue manages to open up her characters to the reader in the most genuine, lovely and inviting of ways. The people we meet are never perfect. In fact, they're far from it, but I find that I love them all the more for their faults and mistakes and the very things that make them the characters that they are. In Ella's Ice Cream Summer, readers are introduced to Ella, single mother and recently jobless. With the threat of losing her home constantly hovering over her and her family due to her evil ex-husband, it becomes clear to Ella that something needs to be done, and sharpish. When news of her aunt Sophia's death arrives, and she is summoned to Appledore for the funeral and the reading of the will, Ella finds herself wondering if perhaps this will solve all of her problems. After all, she adored her aunt Sophia, as well as her older cousin Gina who she'd always been in awe of. She'd spent many a summer with them in her aunt's popular and thriving ice cream shop and the memories of those times had always remained with her. And so, with her mother grumbling behind her, Ella sets off for a summer of surprises and secrets beside the sea.

Once I got started, I couldn't bear to put this delicious tale down. I wanted to spend every second wrapped up within the gorgeous world Sue Watson had created. I wanted to spend my days in the fabulous Reginaldo beside Ella as she served up her wonderfully concocted ice cream recipes that had me drooling repeatedly. With the sun shining brightly, and adorable Delilah yapping away, the scene couldn't have been more perfectly set in my opinion. And of course, the lovely Ben deserves a mention, because he was such an intriguing man, and I loved the bond that blossomed between he and Ella. It warmed me inside out and I couldn't help feeling that it was definitely about time Ella focused on herself for a little while, seeing as she spent most of her time worrying about everyone else and their problems. When she first arrived in Appledore, it was as if I could physically feel the emotional weight lifting from off her shoulders and I, too, seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. This was Ella's time, no one else's. Just hers. And I couldn't have been happier for her.

But of course, life is never so simple, and despite having always been aware of the secrets that ripple between certain members of her family, she's never been quite sure of what it was that split apart her mother and aunt Sophia. Although, now in Appledore, she's beginning to discover more than she originally bargained for, and it is enough to bring her wonderful new surroundings and hopes as well as plans crumbling down to the ground. This was a beautifully weaved story of history, family and love, one that had me hooked from first page to last. I was completely immersed and found myself wishing to be in Devon, beside the sea with one of Ella's mouth-watering ice creams grasped tightly in my hand. I really cannot think of anything more perfect right now.

All in all, Ella's Ice Cream Summer was an absolutely gorgeous story, whisking me away to Devon each time I picked up where I'd last left off. Yet another page-turner from one of my favourite authors who never fails to relax and entice me when it comes to her wonderful novels. This was pure, intoxicating escapism with plenty of reasons to stick with the characters who continue to make you smile, laugh and perhaps even cry. Just PERFECT.

With thanks to the publisher for my review copy of this book.

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  1. Yay, I loved reading this Becca. I currently have this gorgeous book waiting for me on my kindle and I cannot wait to dive into it...even more so after reading your review! :)


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